Brand new Double Live CD recorded in April 2001 at Brewbaker's in No. St. Paul, Minnesota and Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 19 tracks. Includes Lamont favorites; What A Party, Upper Mississippi Shakedown, E Jam, Streets Around Here, Hold On, Madison Blues, Sweet Sixteen, Come On In This House and many more.

LCB Records. Distributed by Cold Wind Records #CWR 0111

Originally released in 1988 on LP and Cassette, this great album has been re-released by Cold Wind Records. Street date is July 20, 1999. FIRST TIME ON CD.

Cold Wind Records #8808

Available in stores worldwide September 9, 1997. All new songs. Guest stars include; Texas sax great Johnny Reno; Bruce McCabe (ex-Cranston, ex-Hoopsnake, current Jonny Lang keyboardist); Dave "Biscuit" Miller of the Lonnie Brooks Band; Ted "Lightnin' Boy" Larsen of The Big Bang and hot newcomer Reneé Austin on background vocals.

Atomic Theory Records #ATM1134. (Distributed worldwide through Rounder Records)

Atomic Theory Records #ATM1119. (Distributed worldwide through Rounder Records)

Shadow Records #3356

ERA Records #5010-2

Cold Wind Records #9004

Cold Wind Records #8808

Waterhouse Records #18

Waterhouse Records #16

Waterhouse Records #15/RCA Records #1-4313

Waterhouse Records #13

Compilation 'live' album from 1981 with 3 cuts by Cranston, 3 by Willie & The Bees, 2 by The Bees Knees Band and 3 by Doug Maynard.

Waterhouse Records #10

Waterhouse Records #6

Shadow Records #3348

Shadow Records #3346


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