Waterhouse Records #13

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Steve Raitt.

1981 Release

Compilation 'live' album from 1981 with 3 cuts by Cranston, 3 by Willie & The Bees, 2 by The Bees Knees Band and 3 by Doug Maynard.....


1. Hoochie Coochie Coo - Lamont Cranston Band

(B. Miles & H. Ballard) 2:10

2. She's Lookin' Good - Willie & The Bees

(Rodger Collins) 2:38

3. Pucker Up Buttercup - Willie & The Bees

(J. Bristol, D. Goggins & H. Fuqua) 3:00

4. Strollin' With Bones - The Bees Knees Band

(V. Walker & E. Davis Jr.) 2:35

5. Who's Foolin' Who - Doug Maynard Band

(M. Price, D. Walsh, S. Barri & M. Omartian) 3:55

6. Goin' On Down The Line - Lamont Cranston Band

(Earl Hooker) 4:10


1. Fun Time - Doug Maynard Band

(Alan Toussaint) 3:00

2. Mellow Way (You Treat Your Man) - Willie & The Bees

(Isaac Hayes & David Porter) 3:55

3. Watchin' The River Flow - Lamont Cranston Band

(Bob Dylan) 3:45

4. Everything I Do Is Wrong - The Bees Knees Band

(Joe Josea & Riley King) 2:54

5. I Need Some Money - Doug Maynard Band

(Durf, Muldrow, Bobo & Harris) 3:45

Lamont Cranston Band:

Pat Hayes/ Vocals, Guitar, Harp

Bruce McCabe/ Piano

Jim Novak/ Drums

Charlie Bingham/ Lead Guitar

Mick Massof/ Bass

Rick O'Dell/ Saxophones

Jim Greenwell/ Saxophones

Larry McCabe/ Trombone

Doug Maynard Band:

Doug Maynard/ Vocals

Melanie Rosales/ Vocals

Margaret Cox/ Vocals

Dick Hedlund/ Bass

John Della Selva/ Guitar

Jeff Bouchier/ Guitar

Marc Friedman/ Drums

Willie & The Bees:

Willie Murphy/ Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Joe Demko/ Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Maurice Jacox/ Vocals, Baritone Sax

Howard Merriweather/ Vocals, Drums

Scott Snyder/ Trumpet

Merlin Brunkow/ Tenor Sax

Jose James/ Alto Sax, Timbales

Mark Bryn/ Piano

Jeff Garetz/ Congas

The Bees Knees Band:

Tommy Burnevik/ Vocals, Tenor Sax

Bill Black/ String Bass

Mike Croy/ Drums

Mark Perry/ Piano

Tony Moen/ Trumpet

Mike Abresch/ Baritone Sax

Pete Masters/ Trombone

Rick O'Dell/ Saxophones

Dean Magraw/ Guitar

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Steve Raitt for Twin Town Sound.

Mastered by Bob Berglund & Steve Wiese, Sound 80/Minneapolis, MN.

All cuts recorded live:

Lamont Cranston Band/Cabooze Bar-Mpls./December '80

Doug Maynard Band/Union Bar-Mpls./January '81

Willie & The Bees/Union Bar-Mpls./January '81

The Bees Knees Band/St. Croix Boom Co.-Stillwater/January '81

Wiile & The Bees appear courtesy of Sound 80 Digital Records.

Melanie Rosales appears courtesy of Steven Productions.

Special thanks to -

Eclipse Concert Systems

AVC Systems

LaVonne Wagener Music

Creation Audio

Southern Thunder Systems

Cover concept, illustration & design by John Hanson for Mill City Miracle Graphics w/special thanks to Billy Smith, Steve Henry & David Stenshoel.

LP, Cassette only. This release is no longer available.

I think we may still be able to get some LP's.


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